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Digital Marketing Service for FLYING TERN SPORTS

Competitors Research DataMarket Research Data

Well, It's critical as a small business owner to keep your marketing and promotion costs low. The beautiful thing about our digital marketing is to research your competitor's footprint and find the best opportunity to bring sales growth for your amazon store.
Our experts researched your competitors and market trend. We found they are doing a wide range of digital marketing which let them get bring much higher sales revenue than your store.
If you allow us we can work on it step by step. You will be able to see a major sales growth in one year. Our team is professional in it and we use key performance indicators (KPIs) to track project growth.

Your Competitors Wide Range of Digital Marketing Footprint

  • Great Amazon on-page product data presentation which attracted more customers to buy. In addition, rank higher in search engines which bring organic sales from google, yahoo, and more.
  • Your competitors do great product video demonstrations which let buyers trust more on products and increase conversion rate.
  • They do awesome 4 levels of after-sales customer service using third-party applications which increases positive reviews and returns customers.
  • They use landing pages and social media to build email lists to bring more sales from outside of Amazon. All traffic they drive into the amazon store.
  • Use top influencers to talk about the products and give discount offers.
  • They did great branding by writing content in blogs, press releases, social media, and so on which increase brand reputation.
  • They use professional tools to track market trend and get latest updates from the industry.
  • Use paid ads on amazon as well as outside to build an email list.

Ski Gloves Sales Footprint

We checked your top products keywords and it really huge. You have gerat opportunity to increase your sales from inside amazon audiance as well as outside search engines audiances.

Landing Pages, Emails Copy & Social Media

Your competitors ran regular campaigns via social media and emails list promotion. We think it's very important for your business to build an emails list that can help to increase your sales volume. We found 1K+ emails copy which your competitors sent to their emails list.

Monthly Digital Marketing Services Package Only Designed for your amazon store.

We know your competitors and what they are doing to generate more sales. We study about their marketing footprint and picked the best opportunity to grow their business. Our team found these is the tasks very important for your business to grow:

Package A

Market Price $1200



Monty KPI based report.
  • We will set up 2 landing pages, one in Brandcouponmall.com another in VIPsdeal.com. Every month we will update new deals information and promote one time with our 400K+ social media followers. Publish one detailed article on BCMpick.com. In addition, we will rank in google for 2 BCM landing pages and Bcmpick.com articles. 
  • Design up to 10 promotional banners. Our team will use them for social media posts, blog article posts, guest posts, landing pagees and brand promotion via gif platforms.
  • Write Up to 2000 Words about your products and use some focus keywords so that long term we can get ranked in google and other search engines. Use content for landing pages, amazon product description, social media posts, and public blog content syndication.
  • We know your product so w will find the specific social media groups and promote your products in 5 groups.
  • We can post on your official social media pages if you allow us to do that. We can manage 3 accounts.
  • Every month research your amazon store competitors. We will give you guidance to improve on-page data, images, and video. It includes description
  • Find new opportunities outside amazon. Track your competitor's emails and find what special offers they give to the audience.
  • Publish new content in popular blogs and increase brand reputation. Example: Weebly.com, diigo.com, bravesites.com, openlearning.com, and more. We have 100+ blogs network which will help to increase brand popularity and get rank for low authority keywords.
  • Monthly our working report, competitors' research data, and progress by KPI report.

Package B

Markt Price $1800



Monthly KPI Based Report
  • Design a website in third-party hosting like blogger and use your brand name which will cost you nothing! It can be a subdomain or main domain. We will make sure here some of the low authority keywords get ranked in google so that we can bring more sales in long run. We will forward all traffic from this website to your Amazon store. It will also help us to build a new customers emails list. In amazon, you can't build a customer emails list but outside amazon, you can do that. It's very important for your business to have a customers emails list.
  • Press release submission up to 300 news sites. We will do it every 4 months one time. This is only for a 1-year subscription. Example news sites: Digitaljournal.com, Marketwatch.com, Dailyherald.com, Pawtuckettimes.com, and more 
  • Rank in Google for low authority keywords for your third-party hosted website. Example keywords list in below picture.

Standard Operation Process (SOP)

  • I will write down detailed internal project plans and distribute the tasks to my team members.
  • I will communicate with you if there any special promotional campaign we can run to bring more sales
  • I will observe team weekly tasks which i assigned in project plans.
  • I will forward important customer leads via email or WeChat.
  • Send details report end of the month.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • We will track posts audience engagements via brand monitor tools.
  • Emails lists growth from landing pages, social media and content marketing.
  • Tracking landing pages organic search keywords

Order Service Package:

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***Package A we can bill every 3 months. Package B bills yearly or half-year.

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